A Quick and Simple Superman Costume

As usual around Halloween, Kaiden went back and forth about what costume he wanted. For quite a while he wanted to dress up as Cyborg, but he finally decided on Superman which was great since it was much easier! We still decided not to buy a superman costume since we could just use his t-shirt and add a cape!

So with a few dollars of red fabric and some Velcro, this came together quickly. I decided not to alter the t-shirt and just connected the cape to itself. The material was very light so it mostly stayed in place and didn’t bother his neck. If it was heavier material, I would have buttoned or Velcro’d it to the shirt to keep it in place.

Here’s a simple hair loss template based on quick measurements of Kaiden’s neck size and the cape length that would hopefully stay out of the way at school.

Cape Pattern
Cape Final

I used my awesome new Janome sewing machine to hem the cape edges, but if you’re not concerned about the fabric fraying a bit, then this becomes a 5-minute project!


And the final result – a very happy Superman.

Superboy - front
Superboy - back

He finally decided he would be Superboy since I also dressed up as Superman. In fact, my wife went out and bought a t-shirt with an attached cape for herself and the entire Super Family went to school that day!

Super Family

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