Join the Kid-friendly Robot Block Party

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In addition to the sunshine and fresh, organic food, one of the advantages of living in the Bay Area is obviously access to tech events. A favorite of ours for the past couple of years has been the Silicon Valley Robot Block Party which is part of National Robotics Week.

In order to attend, I have to manage my workload a little so that I can have a few hours off in the afternoon, but it’s well worth it. I took Kaiden for the second year in a row and we both had a blast. There are a variety of displays sleeping aids from small, speedy bots fabricated from a laser cut sheet ( to NASA Ames Research Center’s large, 4-wheeled rover which is used as a platform to test algorithms for space missions.

We were busy watching and interacting with the robots (and the people!) and I don’t have pictures, but have a look at links above.

If you’re in the area, be sure to look out for this event in 2015 and also be sure to look for other interesting events during National Robotics Week. There may be displays, gatherings, talks, and competitions to watch or join – all across the nation!


National Robotics Week

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