Lego Exosuit Battle


One of the Lego sets that Kaiden talked about for weeks before we finally got it was Superman Vs Power Armor Lex. Exoskeletons and exosuits are popular in our house and the first Lego Movie sets I bought were the Fire-Mech (from the Rescue Reinforcements set) and then the Construct-o-Mech. And these sets are awesome, especially the Construct-o-Mech!

My favorite, based on looks, is still the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit and when I hesitated to buy it in the store, it was sold out everywhere a week later. I wrote to Lego and they said they weren’t making anymore, but a few months later, they did and now there are lots available.

The great part about the way we play with Lego now is that even before building a new set, we start formulating ideas about all the cool things we could build with the unique anti inflammatories parts in the set. And we’ll often figure out how to make our own version of what’s in the set. And exosuits were one of Kaiden’s favorite items for a while so of course, he built some of his own.

In the Epic Saturday morning battle below, there is even a custom “Super Mixel”. If you know your Mixels, you’ll know that it takes 3 regular Mixels to make a “Max”. The Super Mixel was built from the parts of 2 Max Mixels.

All of these creations existing in the same place and time, meant some epic Saturday morning battles.

Exosuit vs. T-Rex!
Exosuit vs. T-Rex!
Epic Saturday Morning Battle
Epic Saturday Morning Battle
Ultimate Battle - Exosuits and Robots
Ultimate Battle – Exosuits and Robots

These battles all took place before the Construct-o-Mech arrived so we will have to do this again!

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