Turn Anyone into a Lego Minifigure

Following the success of our Lego superhero costumes, we decided to combine the costume concept with figures that looked a little like each of us to make our Lego family!

The collection of minifigures we already had came in handy and we had short legs for a kid minifigure and hairstyles to (sort of) match Holly’s hair, but we still didn’t have any minifigures that looked remotely like me. Then I purchased a Nick Fury minifigure and, except for the eye patch, we were all set.

I took pictures of our t-shirts, put them on the same minifigure template I had created for the superhero costumes, and printed them out. The only reason this bit of craftiness is listed as intermediate is because you need a sharp knife to cut out the templates.

Our Family

Our Lego Family

Holly’s sleeves antidepressants were a little tricky and in fact are just tucked underneath so they don’t always stay in place, but we don’t want to Kragle anything. In the template, I left extra “material” and cut the sleeves round afterward.

Lego Family Costumes Template

Shrinking the images changed the appearance of the colors and some fine digital editing would have made the shirts look better, but playing with miniature versions of ourselves was more important.

We weren’t able to get a shot of the family (with appropriate attire) together with our cat, Furball, so we might have to Photoshop him in later.

Kaiden couldn’t wait to play with the his minifigure recently when he wore the same t-shirt again to school, he purposefully put on grey pants to match his minifigure. :)

Have fun!


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