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Tasty Stuff My Dad Bakes

I added a baking category knowing that we’d get here at some point; though, even the Railroad Crossing had a baked element:

railroad crossing signal cake
The letters are chocolate cookies :)

I love baking and Kaiden has as much fun eating the results as I do creating them. The default is still often banana muffins. Delicious banana muffins, and sometimes delicious chocolate chip banana muffins, but muffins those don’t justify the purchase of cool new bakeware.

Last Halloween, we invited some good friends and their kids over for cookies and cake. One of the children was allergic to dairy so it was a new challenge for me and I was paranoid about contaminating anything. I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned so thoroughly. I made the allergy-friendly stuff one day and then baked the chocolate cake that Kaiden requested the next morning, just to be sure everything was separated.

My wife insisted, and had to convince me, that I let her help since I was reluctant to hand over any control. I like to be in charge of all the baked goodness and Kaiden can vouch for why that is – in his own words, “Dad, Mom does most of the cooking, but you do all of the baking”. Yes my son, Dad bakes.

In the end, I had to acquiesce since cookies, cupcakes, cake, and allergy substitutions in a new recipe were too much for one baker with little time before the party. My wife helped decorate the cupcakes and did a great job on the eyeballs. Not exactly how I might have done it, but that’s part of my learning to let go. She used beets to make natural food coloring which is far better than the chemical coloring in the store. It is also far cheaper than the all natural coloring in the store!

Eyeball Cupcakes and Scary Cookies
Eyeball Cupcakes and Scary Cookies


Bat Cake
Last Minute Bat Cake

For the chocolate cake bat, I made two 9″ rounds and cut one for the wings. Kaiden happily helped “clean up” the extra pieces that had to be cut off.

The following is a New York style crumb cake which I’ve made a few time and which never seems to last long. I lived in NYC for a few years and had no idea that crumb cake was a thing there. It’s from The Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book which my wife bought me as a present. The book is great for baking geeks since it covers some of the science behind baking methods and explains the results of testing various ingredients, proportions, and techniques. You get the benefit of those results without requiring the time, equipment, and money it would take to experiment yourself.

NY Crumb Cake
NY Style Crumb Cake

There’s more baked goodness that I never bothered to capture on film because pictures of food are not my thing and posting pictures of food online less so, but here I am doing it anyway. This may just be the the delicious beginning.

Now back to some killer robots or something.