This site is inspired by, and made for, a beautiful, brilliant, caring, and very curious little boy named Kaiden who makes his father smile every day. It’s supported by his fabulous mom.

I will post a variety of projects, from short and simple, to more in-depth and technical. Most will be geared in one way or another to my son who is three four years old, but since my son is advanced for his age in some areas and since there’s no age limit to having fun, there may be something of interest for you regardless of your age.

At any point in time, I usually have a dozen or two modifications or new projects planned and I work on them womans health based on time, materials, and what my son happens to be find interesting.

Most projects will require some type of adult supervision and assistance. I won’t post too many particularly dangerous projects here, but knives, soldering irons, and power supplies are nothing to take lightly. Please always observe basic safety precautions for any tool you use.

Finally, I will only recommend tools and products I really believe are valuable, but here’s the standard disclaimer, just in case.

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Thanks for reading :)